Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I have been busy, busy, busy.

My craft fair is in 2 weeks and I have so much more to do.  All I can say is, Thank You Pinterest.  This is a fantastic site for someone like myself who has SO MUCH PAPER that I don't know what to do with it all.  Good old Pinterest has helped me use it.  Use a lot of it at least.  It still doesn't look like I've even made a dent in my supply.  When my kiddos see me looking at a paper pad, they are both in unison "You don't need any more paper Mom!".  The picture shows about half.  They may be right.

Here are just a few pictures of some of the items I will hopefully sell.  If not, my Etsy shop B and G Inspirations will be really full!  I need to find the names of these crafters who gave their ideas to Pinterest and send them a big THANK YOU!  Robyn, you're one of them :-)  I just had to use your candy bar wrapper idea.  Too cute and easy to make.  And who can resist chocolate???  So, THANKS ROBYN!

Kerry's Paper Crafts is another website I frequent.  I have used several of her ideas.  She is an amazing crafter.  

 The problem I have come to find out about using candy is that I think i've eaten 1/2 my product!  Oops.

I have so many pictures of items that I hope to sell, that I think I will save them for another blog entry.  I don't want to make this one super long and boring.  Or have I already?

Bye for now and happy crafting!


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